2024 Tax Assessment Increase

Twin Township Ambulance has been providing Emergency medical services to Maple Grove and Hazelton townships since July 4, 1978. Our agency originally started as a volunteer service and moved to a paid staffing model in 2014. The questions below were asked by members of the community. If your question is not answered please email office@twinems.org or call (810) 634-1016

Why is Twin Township asking for an increase?

Everyone is experiencing rising costs including us. We are not seeing higher reimbursements from the insurance either. This led to TTA running appx -$112,000 in 2022-2023 fiscal year. We predict this number to be much higher during 23-24.

Who all pays a Tax Assessment?
Currently we receive $100 per household in Hazelton/Maple Grove Townships. We currently cover 100% of both townships. In addition we also receive a tax assessment of $75 per household from Venice and New Haven Townships. We only cover a small portion of these areas with Corunna Ambulance covering the rest.

Why doesn't Genesee County pay an assessment?

We currently staff a unit in Genesee County that runs enough calls to pay for its expenses as well as provide additional funding to cover the New Lothrop station.

​How many calls does Twin Township Ambulance respond to?

Twin Township has responded to 2,547 calls between July 2022 and June 2023. This volume was covered between 2 ambulances.

Who pays for the second ambulance operated by Twin?

​The second ambulance operated by Twin Township covers itself completely, and a large portion of the overhead costs. This is achievable by the run volume obtained in Genesee County.

How much does running an ambulance cost?

An Advance Life Support ambulance costs between 600-650,000 per year to operate. With the current tax assessment that is received that covers a third of the cost.

How much money will the tax assessment raise?

Currently Twin Township receives $187,000 from the assessment. With the increase we predict it will raise a total of $375,830 which covers half the cost of the New Lothrop ambulance.

How much does the equipment and ambulance cost?

Ambulance: $175-250,000 each

Cardiac Monitor: $35-45,000